June 5, 2008

Call me chief

As many of you know, your quizmaster whiles away his days toiling as the chief copy editor at Time Out New York, your favorite magazine. Like nearly anyone else, my job can sometimes be frustrating, but as I often say, I've worked at a lot of publications, and TONY is by far the best.

And that's especially true now: For some time, I've been writing the biweekly "TONY quiz" column for the magazine's Games page, and starting this week, I—and the BQT itself—get a serious permanent shout-out at timeoutnewyork.com. Yes, much of this is recycled from the Big Quiz Thing's live show, but no prizes are at stake, so whatever. (And next week it'll be a better photo; the logo didn't fit in the space, so we panicked.)

This week: A little Shakespeare quiz (and I'm very proud of the title).