March 17, 2008

The Ivory Tower welcomes us

Finally, after banging on that large oaken door forever, I finally got us noticed in that ultimate arbiter of NYC intelligentsia culture: The New Yorker. Click on the link to read their very nice blurb in the new issue. (Apparently, we do the misspelled-signs video round every time, but whatever.) Prepare yourself at the next show to be competing with lots of old white-haired men in bow ties and patch-elbow sport coats.

Plus, get a load of the accompanying illustration:
Michael Schulman, the heroic NYer staffer who wrote the blurb, has described this picture as "Matisse's impression of the Big Quiz Thing," and that works for me.


Anonymous said...

Wait, why is there a guy SLEEPING on the left side of the NYer illustration??? Well, he's not gonna win, certainly.

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