March 13, 2008

Farewell, Batter Up Cake Bar

As those of you present at last Monday's quiz are aware, this was the last edition of the Big Quiz Thing with treats supplied by The Batter Up Cake Bar. Though Jeremie Lappe of the BUCB had been part of the quiz team for only a few months, she'd been a huge asset: unbelievably delicious cupcakes to award to my loyal players show after show (and at no cost to me, which was nice). Jeremie is now busy on Sunday nights, precluding any opportunity to bake them fresh for Monday shows; I thought about requesting frozen cupcakes, but I know, your standards are higher than that.

I'm hoping that somewhere down the line, we can lure the BUCB back to the BQT. In the meantime, we're on the hunt for new treat makers. E-mail with suggestions.

Also, go to Batter Up's website directly and buy some of that insanely delicious product. The more you buy, the more she'll realize she needs the BQT bump, and the more she's likely to come back, and then the more you're likely to win some at the show. It's sort of like "buy one, possibly get some much later down the road free."