March 13, 2008

We were there first

Last Monday: another ridiculously successful Big Quiz Thing. Yes, yes, figuring out what language comedians are speaking in YouTube clips is not as easy as it seems. But wasn't it fun to hear stand-up comedy done in Afrikaans?

The big news Monday was that our fans are cutting-edge political quipmeisters. Just a few hours before the BQT began, the news broke about your pal and mine, Eliot Spitzer. So as you can imagine, folks were creative with team names. Unfortunately, great minds think alike. We had teams called…

Spitzer Swallows
Spitzer Swallows?! (note the interrobang)
Eliot Spitz'or Swallows
Gerard Depardouche, a.k.a. Spitzer Swallows
Eliot Spitzer's Little Black Book
Eliot Mess (a pun that Stephen Colbert laid claim to that same night)

Also, Jonathan of Eliot Mess (the erstwhile Can I Quiz in Your Mouth?, before that Robin Hood and His Merry Meningitis) told me they were considering to go with some variation of "Spitzer Swallows," until they overheard neighbors making the same plan. Personally, I like another idea he told me about: Gary Gygax 12-Sided Died.

More blog posts sooner rather than later, I promise.