April 15, 2014

Palindrome trivia in honor of Palindrome Week

In the annals of pointless holidays (e.g., Pi Day, the time when I was in middle school when it was 1:23 and 45 seconds on 6/7/89), let us not overlook our present joyous occasion: We are in the midst of Palindrome Week. Yesterday was 4/14/14. Today is 4/15/14. Tomorrow is 4/16/14. And so on till Saturday: Every day's date is a palindrome—the same forward and backward. Monumental, right? Truly a whole-bunch-of-times-in-a-lifetime event.

To honor this most honor-worthy of happenings, behold a low-ago video puzzle I dug from the archives: "Trivial Palindromes Semordnilap Laivirt." Each statement can be rephrased as a palindromic phrase. For example: "The largest city in Poland had yet to be cooked" can be restated as "Warsaw was raw." Wow. Have at it, Bob.


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Palindrome Week is a fun celebration of words and numbers that read the same backward as forward. Did you know that the word "palindrome" itself is not a palindrome? It's always a bit ironic, isn't it? But there are plenty of fantastic examples out there, like "radar," "level," and "deified." Palindromes aren't just limited to words; they can appear in numbers too. For instance, 1221 or 1331. Enjoy Palindrome Week by exploring these linguistic wonders!Thank you for sharing your expertise! Keep up the excellent work! Continue to share. Please feel free to look at my website.

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