October 29, 2012

It's back! The BQT's Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon!

Really? No, seriously? Yes—we’re doing it again. After last June’s earth-shaking Ten Hour Quiz Show Marathon in NYC, to celebrate a decade of BQT action, we are just insane enough to be doing it again. Our ever-supreme Boston-area home, Harvard Square’s Oberon, is hosting the second performance of our Tenth Anniversary Marathon (this one closer to the actual ten-year mark), with another full day of scintillating live game show action, and another ten hours of Quizmaster Noah (that’s me) doing the nonstop-quizmastering thing at the expense of his health and sanity (now accepting 5-hour Energy donations). It's Sunday, December 2, noon–10pm, a little more than a month till I tempt fate once again.

First, the basics: It’s ten hours of the familiar BQT team-quiz formula, 25 rounds total of the game. The greatest hits from the BQT's decade of video and audio puzzles, naturally, plus the world’s greatest trivia questions, a passel of Lightning Rounds, a handful of Text Message Challenges, Smart-Ass Points galore. And no, you don't have to stay all day: For one low ticket price, guests can come and go as they please—as long as someone from your team submits an answer sheet for a given round, your team will receive points for that round. (Last May’s blog post about BQT Marathon strategy ought to come in handy.) Backing us up all the way will be the return of our erstwhile Boston music-meister, DJ Xdon RicklesX.

Plus, more fun, courtesy one of the show’s many premier sponsors: Improv Boston. New England's premier home for comedy will be making the scene throughout the day, presenting their top improv, sketch and stand-up acts for your multivalent entertainment. (Including an appearance from new Boston BQT sidekick, stand-up Wes Hazard.) The folks at Improv Boston are experts at "showcasing today’s best performers and training tomorrow’s stars," and we're thrilled to have them on board.

 And now, your most eager question: prizes. The winning team takes home more than double the haul of a typical BQT: a cool $500. Plus we’ll have tons more goodies from a rafter of Boston’s greatest stores and experiences: So far, we've got regular Boston prize sponsors The Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Modern Homebrew Emporium, and Follow the Honey, plus Harvard Square's lovably old-school Million Year Picnic comic-book store, Kendall Square's inspirationally wired Voltage Coffee and Art, the film nerd paradise of the Coolidge Corner Theatre, the wacky-gift wonderland that is Joie de Vivre, and more. Even Improv Boston will be tossing in prizes, and there are plenty more on the way.

It’s Sunday, December 2, noon to 10pm, and the ridiculously cheap advance tickets are already on sale right here. Form your team, organize your strategy, and do not sleep on this one…I certainly won’t.