March 6, 2011

An elephant trophy, of all things!

I just got back to NYC from a lovely weekend in Connecticut (wasn't that a Christmas movie?), hosting a very special BQT fund-raiser event for the Ivoryton Library Association, at the impressive and historic Ivoryton Playhouse (quite the serious New England theater). It was an excellent crowd: 150 smart people heavy into the competition, laughing at every joke, and appreciative of quality trivia. (That's the way. I like it.) Despite very close competition leading up to the end, the winning squad, Team Fabulous (consisting of a bunch of local teachers), took the prize in a quick Three-Way Finale: "What 1889 comic novel, with Connecticut in its title, features a protagonist who is known as 'the Boss'?" and "What Japanese word, well known in English, translates to 'empty orchestra'?"

And what a prize: They got custom-made Ivoryton Big Quiz Thing T-shirts and a massive, elephant-adorned trophy (the elephant is the mascot of the Playhouse; I know I should've included those questions about musth).

Some photos, courtesy Julian Evans:

I have arrived.

Team Fabulous's Three-Way Finale representative and myself, in the throes of joy.

Your champions.

I'm hoping to return in a few months; everyone there was beyond lovely, and the BQT is always eager to help a good cause. Have your own cause? E-mail and let's do business.


Nancy Kahrimanis said...

So much fun! Thanks for hosting! We brought the trophy into school and the kids loved it!

Thanks again!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant event! Great atmosphere and for a good cause. Come back soon!

Karen Burzin said...

Thank you for not only entertaining us but also for helping to make our fundraiser a success. It was a wonderful evening.

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