November 7, 2010

Beware those sneaky mountains

Getting excited for Episode 2 of The Walking Dead? Me too—only 16 minutes away. This is what is considered news in our modern culture.

I loved the first episode, by the way—great balance of terrifying zombiesploitation and satisfyingly deep talkiness. But this post is not a review: It's a criticism, and an effort to creep the Big Quiz Thing blog onto the endless list of grammar/spelling-monitoring websites. I'm a professional, so why not?

A couple days ago, I visited the AMC website to rewatch the first episode of The Walking Dead, streaming for free (I'd watched it on premiere night, but dozed off halfway through—not high praise, but I had just completed a whirlwind trip to attest to my sanity in a maddening sea of people). And I saw this:
Let's take a closer look:
Really? A "sneak peak"? Does Episode 2 feature the top of a mountain surreptitiously trying to do something? Will Officer Rick turn a corner in Atlanta and suddenly run into a quietly movie zombie butte? Sadly, "sneak peak" is a common mistake I see all over the Internet these days; the fact that it's cliché is almost as bad as the spelling error.

I rolled my eyes when I spotted it on AMC's site, but whatever—such is the world we live in. I figured someone among the powers that be would fix it soon, but nope: I just revisited the site to confirm the next episode is at 10pm, and there it is, still wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!

Standards are breaking down. It starts with spelling on TV network websites, and next thing we know, the dead are walking the earth and civilization as we know it is in shambles. Heed my words…


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