October 8, 2010

Unusuable factoid of the day: Superman's boss for governor of Texas

Great Caesar's ghost! There probably is a way to make a question out of this one, but I'm giving up after five minutes…

Take a look at this; details from the current race for governor down in Texas:
Incumbent Governor Rick "Secede!" Perry (currently the second-longest-serving governor in the nation, by only six days) has a healthy lead over the Democratic nominee, former Houston mayor Bill White. It's Perry vs. White. Which makes me think of this guy…
Editor-in-chief of The Daily Planet, Superman's boss, Perry White.

Or if you want to go back to the movies…
Jackie Cooper, by the way, is still the youngest ever Oscar nominee for a lead performance.

Perry vs. White in Texas: pointless, but interesting. This of course reminds me of the 2002 Senate race in Wyoming, when incumbent Alistair Jimmy was defeated by challenger Millicent Olsen. Or how about the 1874 race for county commissioner in northwestern Iowa, when Nicholas Matthew Lori barely managed to fend off Whitelaw Lemaris? Ah, good times…


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