September 20, 2010

Sponsor spotlight: Metro Metro

Here's an interesting one: Metro Metro, an NYC operation that organizes various BQT-fan-friendly events: scavenger hunts, a monthly Board Game Olympics, etc., etc. Basically, they join the Big Quiz Thing among the small fraternity (if only there were a fraternity) of NYC organizations that allows a social life for people like us.

Their events are extremely well organized and very friendly—which is how I managed to make contact with them, basically just showing up at the last Board Game Olympics and hyping the NYC Clash of the Trivia Champions (one week away!). They're on board (heh) as a sponsor, kicking in two free passes to the a future BGO, a $60 value. When I visited, there was a dizzying array of games on offer—Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, Memory and—appropriately, in the marquee position—the great, great Jenga.

Each pass is good for a team of four, and it takes place one Sunday a month at Union Hall, an extremely attractive venue in Brooklyn. Details on Metro Metro's site.

I leave you with this: Some genius somewhere having unauthorized fun with a Jenga set. Bring one of these to the Board Game Olympics and all the girls will want to get to know you:


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