September 14, 2010

Recap: A wind blows through Crash Mansion

So really, what was going on last night? Why the—I will say it—crappy turnout? Thirteen teams? I blame it on (a) the rain, (b) Jay-Z and Eminem at Yankee Stadium, (c) Monday Night Football, (d) a vast right-wing conspiracy. Not in that order.

Ah, who cares, since those of us who were there had enough fun for 13,000 teams. I had been playing with that "TV last names" four-parter for some time, though I was surprised how few of you knew what TV character, who debuted in 2002, had the last name "Little." No, it wasn't Malcolm Little.

We also had fun with Public Zoo (an echidna in Las Vegas! a liger in Mumbai! a Loch Ness Monster in Amsterdam!), a four-parter about lunatic politicians, and the "Name-Droppers Unite!" audio round. Really, people, you don't know "Sweet Soul Music"? Let us pause for a musical interlude:

As for the Three-Way Finale: Time Travelers for Stephen Hawking vs. Gerard Depardouche vs. Jefferson Davis Starship. I was unsurprised that no one knew this—How many times a week does something happen if it occurs hebdomadally?—but it was worth a shot. Though I was scandalized that no one got this very fun question: Last week, VH1 Classic punningly played 24 hours of music by what hard-rock band? (One nerd in the audience got it. Only one?) At last, John of the Time Travelers won with a very lucky guess on this: Famous for being one of the first words in the dictionary, the aardwolf is not a wolf, but an African variety of what mammal? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…

The winners, forgive this not artistic photo…
The standings:
1. Time Travelers for Stephen Hawking: No longer Strippers?
2. Jefferson Davis Starship
3. Gerard Depardouche
4. Incontinental Divide
5. Sugah Titz

Next: It's almost here! The New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions is nearly upon us! Monday, September 27! At the Highline Ballroom! Hot damn, register now!!!!!!!!