August 15, 2010

Picking Palin at the Fringe

As you're no doubt aware, every year, downtown NYC is overcome by a tidal wave of small-scale theater—some interesting, some unbearably incompetent, some perhaps a little brilliant. The New York International Fringe Festival stages several hundred shows each August, and I make a point of seeing at least one every year, and reviewing it for my day employer (and NYC Clash of the Trivia Champions sponsor), Time Out New York, whose coverage of the event is exhaustively comprehensive. (Emphasis on exhaustive, trust me.)

This year, I sampled something perfectly in tune with my political-horse-race interests, Picking Palin, a dramatization of the intimate inner-circle conferences that resulting in Sister Sarah's ascendance to über-irritant status. Read my review here—basically, it was okay, but I think you'd be much better off with this.