June 29, 2010

Recap: Who are these people

Tonight's Big Quiz Thing was especially gratifying, because—and I don't have statistics to back this up—we seemed to have a lot of new people in the crowd. (Normally, the BQT player contingent is about two thirds regulars, an assertion I do have a little bit of evidence to support.) But tonight seemed suffused with newcomers, and not just because it was Rebecca Ikler's birthday and she seemed to have brought along everyone she ever met. It was most obvious during the Big Three-Way Finale, which featured two newish teams, Room with a Vuvuzela (last joke we'll get out of that for the time being) and Not Penny's Boat, alongside the eminently familiar Sugah Titz. And the Titz won, which just goes to show I slant things in my regular teams' favor (KIDDING!).

But I get ahead of myself. As expected, Round 2, "The Museum of Painting Mash-Ups," called upon a different set of knowledge than most BQT games, finally making use of that art history class you took sophomore year for no apparent reason. My favorite is above; I literally squealed when I had the idea (seriously). I liked this Goya–Grandma Moses mash-up a lot, too:

The audio round, "Never Break the Musical Chain," took a lot of work, more than you'd think and more than I'd planned (I kept messing with it to get the right mix of artists). Still, I considered jacking it up to 20 songs, just to prove that I could do it. Ah, maybe some other time—maybe the New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions! (More on that below.) And thank you for appreciating the four-part questions on LIRR stations ("The first person stumbles on a banana peel") and celebrity perfumes; the Big Quiz Thing, the Fragrance, is in the works. In return, do me a favor: E-mail (Le) Poisson Rouge and tell them to bring us back. Demand it!

The standings:

1. Sugah Titz: The Fantastic Fournicators might be the winningest team in BQT history, but I believe Chrissy of Sugah Titz is specifically the winningst woman in BQT history. Impressive.

2. Not Penny's Boat/Room with a Vuvuzela (tie)
4. Squirrels on Film
5. The Fantastic Fournicators: Very proud of this, I am:

6. Birds of Ill Omen/Gerard Depardouche (tie)
8. Jefferson Davis Starship
9. Kathleen Turner Overdrive
10. Strippers for Stephen Hawking

Amazingly, we had no Smart-Ass Points tonight! I was reduced to giving away sympathy pastries to the last-place team! What happened to the funny? Next time…

…speaking of which, the next show is in ONLY NINE DAYS!

Yes, we're doing the Summer Fun Spectacular on Wednesday, July 7, at 92YTribeca. Trivia Color War and lots more; don't forget, this will probably be your last dose of BQT till August. (Unless you want to follow us to Boston; c'mon, road trip!) And get ready for September 27, and the first ever New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions—teams of four, $100 per team, $1,000 grand prize, a cool trophy, tons of glory, at the Highline Ballroom. We make it happen for you.
more details and registration coming soon.


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