April 5, 2010

Recap: Pictures make nearly perfect

So it went unmentioned at tonight's mega-awesome Big Quiz Thing, but hey, tonight's eggcellent quiz was way more visual, with a picture on nearly every question slide. Did it work? Well, did the tech equipment at Crash Mansion work? Maybe I shouldn't answer that question.

"A Quick Tour Through Game Show History" was crazy funny, something I'd been meaning to do for a long time. From the legendary (You Bet Your Life, Family Feud) to the demented (Bowling for Dollars, Supermarket Sweep), we paraded through the history of TV game shows, speeding each clip up to double pace. Sassy! And the "Androgyny Rocks!" audio round visited those femme men and mannish women of popular music; seriously, Alison Moyet of Yaz really does have XX chromosomes (like Mexican beer and a London rock band).

Also, apologies for not featuring the Not-So-Secret Secret Clue on this blog; it was on Facebook and Twitter, but those of you being stalked by the crazy teenagers of social networking sites missed out (sorry, Cunning Stunts). I swear, I meant to; here's the picture I was going to use:

Also tonight: Black-and-white cookies as prizes during Passover, free tickets to the stupidly funny Off Broadway comedy 666, movie passes courtesy of Time Out New York, and the big Three-Way Finale! Returning champs Jefferson Davis Starship vs. Sugah Titz vs. Oh Noah You Didn't, which had never before placed above fourth following years of competition. This was thanks to new (ringer) member Chris, who pulled out ultimate victory on Q: What fruit is distilled to make the popular Balkan liquor Slivovitz? And thus, glory was had.

The standings:
1. Oh Noah You Didn't
2. Sugah Titz
3. Jefferson Davis Starship
4. Gerard Depardouche
5. Fantastic Fournicators/Big Green Cabbage (tie)
7. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
8. Incontinental Congress: This Time It's Personal/Deluxe Mixed Nuts (tie)
10. Cunning Stunts

NEXT: We're back at Crash in two weeks, April 19, with "The Mega-Ultimate Word Game" and for the audio round, "Spring Is in Bloom!" In the meantime, we're back in Boston on April 15, and stay tuned for Hoboken on April 26. More details at bigquizthing.com. It's all happening.