April 20, 2010

Recap: No flights, lots of trivia

All right, here it is. Sorry, busy wasting lots of time today.

First, I owe you all a sincere apology, since I didn't even try to pronounce the word "Eyjafjallajökull" at last night's Big Quiz Thing (when I asked you to tell me what the hell that word symbolizes). I realize the dreaded volcano/glacier is the reason we had such a big, beautiful crowd (you were all waiting for your flights to Belgium, right? Or was it this?), but I couldn't even wrap my gray matter around it; it sounds nothing like how it's written, and I'm not even sure that spelling could qualify as "written." (Listen to this. You try it, dammit!) Apologies to the millions of Icepeople I've offended.

Otherwise, last night's BQT was pretty much super-excellent. I was a little unsure how the "Mega-Ultimate Word Game" would go over, but despite a few minor technical hiccups (can you read 16 confusing words and ID the one misspelled one, and in 20 seconds?), and the fact that more than half the teams got a perfect score, I think it lived up to its billing. And the audio round, "Spring Is in Bloom," achieved my goal: Ten songs about flowers, none of them with "roses" in the title.

Best Smart-Ass Points of the night: "What common word does Webster’s define as 'used as a function word to indicate that a following noun or noun equivalent is definite or has been previously specified by context or by circumstance'”? A: Tru dat. And the song inspiring homicides at Philippines karaoke bars is this. (As if it's any less bizarre, the correct answer is this.)

Speaking of implausibly bizarre, I want to set the record straight: I was right, it's not Enron the Musical. Just Enron. You were thinking of AIG: The Sexually Suggestive Puppet Musical Spectacular.

Special thanks to our sponsors, the Off Broadway comedy 666—silly, crazy, dirty, very well-performed Spanish comedy. More tix next time.

And big ups to our winners, Incontinental House of Lords (né Congress). Team rep Matt savored victory during the Three-Way Finale, knowing that he had the correct answer to "A massive and massively stupid hit song from 1969 about the future was titled 'In the Year' what?" Sorry to Jonathan of Jefferson Davis Starship: You did not ring in first, and besides, I had a drink with your team afterward, I have to stay neutral. (And yes, a real buzzer system is in the works.)

All right, the top five.

1. Incontinental House of Lords: Their second victory EVAH!
2. Jefferson Davis Starship: With Jonathan Corbblah, the wild card of the BQT
3. The Fantastic Fournicators
4. Birds of Ill Omen/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)

Lots coming up…

This Monday, 4/26: The BQT at Black Bear in Hoboken. Tell your postgraduate friends!

Tuesday, 4/27: The BQT's All-Music edition in Philadelphia! Rock!

Monday, 5/3: Next BQT at Crash Mansion. We're bringing back the "Magazine Flashback Mind-Teaser" (the medium is not dead!) and the audio round: "'Wild' and 'Crazy' Music." You are there.