March 23, 2010

A recommendation: Match Game Live!

The last few weeks, my life has been suffused with TV game show magic. For the next BQT (April 5 at Crash), we're doing "A Quick Tour of Game Show History," testing your ability to identify the buzzer-and-unnecessarily-skinny-microphone classics of yesteryear, with a surprise twist (though isn't there always?). I've enjoyed a lot of freaky stuff: Sale of the Century's Jim Perry tenderly kissing a female contestant on the head, a seemingly endless remix of the surreal theme song of Tic Tac Dough, a lot of Groucho Marx You Bet Your Life jokes that don't make much sense 50-plus years later. It's been haunting my dreams.

And the shows have escaped my computer: This Thursday at the lovely 92YTribeca (quite likely a future BQT venue, stay tuned), Match Game Live! returns, bringing all the alcohol-sodden, pun-rife excitement of the classic show to the stage. I've seen this event before, and it's a lot of fun; the funny and clever Ben Lerman makes a good host, and the guest roster isn't half bad: the Voice's Michael Musto, NY1's Pat Kiernan, Friend of the Quiz Jessica Delfino, and a few other people whose names I recognize. I think a bunch of them are gay, to give you an idea of the flavor of the humor, but maybe it's just that we're in New York.

Check out 92YTribeca's site for details—you even have the chance of being selected from the audience to be a contestant. I guarantee it'll be the second best live game show spectacular you'll see this month.

I will leave you with the single most annoying thing on YouTube:


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