March 2, 2010

Recap: Less hair, more fun

All right, so at tonight's BQT, I debuted my new look: I now have (almost) no hair (on my head). As I mostly explained at the show:

— I am not sick.
— It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing. I'm not sold on it yet.
— It'll save me money, since I spend $200–$300 a month on styling product.
— Perhaps I'm trying to emulate EDP, or at least King Kong Bundy.
— Since my quizmaster job involves a lot of sitting on stage leaning over pieces of paper, my extant bald spot was receiving more exposure than most bald spots. So drastic measures were perhaps called for.

Regardless, it didn't get in the way of an excellent, excellent show, despite DJ GB's absence (she was sick, but thankfully nothing to worry about). Still loving (Le) Poisson Rouge, though this was our final edition there for at least a couple of months; we're back at Crash Mansion in two weeks (3/15), then again three weeks later (4/5—we're avoiding a conflict with Passover, which isn't quite as cool as Purim: as I explained tonight, the No. 1 holiday for Hasidic hookups).

Back to this show. We traveled through a panoply of trivial delights: chastity belts, famous astronomers, Lusophiles, TV geography, and nicknames for syphilis. "Three Degrees of Celebrities" was a great video round, and "I Want Your Sax" was fun for the audio round: You people sure do hate Kenny G. Some good Smart-Ass Points, too; what other ex–married couple have both been nominated for the Best Director Oscar? Roman Polanski and that 13-year-old.

Speaking of immaturity, the Three-Way Finale pitted Sugah Titz vs. Strippers for Stephen Hawking vs. Gerard Depardouche, and John of the Strippers took it in a quick two questions. Perhaps the tie-breaker for second place was anticlimactic, but I am an impulsive creature.

And the standings…

1. Strippers for Stephen Hawking: A return to glory?
2. Sugah Titz
3. Gerard Depardouche
4. Jefferson Davis Starship: Subjects of the premiere "Let's Meet Our Players" segment. We're going to tweak this.
5. Cash Cab for Cutie/We Are Squirreled (tie)
7. Team! The Musical
8. Incontinental House of Pancakes: I kind of wonder how they went from a Congress to a House of Pancakes. Must be an interesting process.
9. Fantastic Fournicators
10. Perfect Strangers Desperately Seeking Anyone

NEXT: Yes, March 15, back at Crash. Stay tuned to the website, Facebook and Twitter for the upcoming schedule. And hey, we're back in Boston April 15, Philadelphia April 27, possibly Hoboken, D.C., and Delaware in the future, more, more, more! Details soon…


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