March 16, 2010

Recap: Blame it on "The Rain"

Wait…she was in the Marines?

Last night's BQT started 30 minutes late. Why? Late-'90s rap star Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott. It seems Missy and her crew had Crash Mansion reserved from 2 to 7pm, to film some kind of showcase/promo/whatever. Unfortunately, the performance itself didn't begin until 6:50pm (EDP claims it was quite spectacular, though). We didn't get into the space till 7:30, of course, but that's showbiz. Hip-hop people running behind schedule, will wonders never cease?

However, as Missy et al. were clearing out and we were setting up, she did ask what was happening next, someone told her "a quiz show," and she did say "that's cool." The BQT: Misdemeanor-approved.

As for the quiz itself, there was a vague St. Patrick's Day theme of course, with "The Mixology Mindbender" (it's a Moscow Mule, not a Paris Mule; and I'm sorry if the bit about dipping your areola in glycerin creeped you out), plus the "Land of Ire" audio round: We've proved the old adage that it is physically impossible to hear even a ten-second snippet of House of Pain's "Jump Around" with actually throwing your hands in the air, and waving them like you just don't care. In between, the usual grab bag of trivial delights: comedy-movie Presidents, the Census, sperm whales, the Two Coreys (RIP/2), Breakin' 2, the final words heard on The Sopranos, and the animals that Ozzy Osbourne publicly bit the heads off of. You learn so much at the Big Quiz Thing.

And the finale! Some debating over proper bell etiquette, but again, quite the nail-biter. Steve of Fantastic Fournicators knew that the Bangles used to be the Bangs, John of Strippers for Stephen Hawking was aware that the musical Sugar was adapted from Some Like It Hot, and no one knew what Harlem political icon preceded Charlie Rangel in Congress (Malcolm X? Really?). Yet once again, Anthony of Jefferson Davis Starship pulled out a come-from-behind victory, with "A popular singer-songwriter and a Democratic senator from Illinois who was a candidate for President shared what first and last name?" and "What magazine’s 1925 debut issue featured a cover picture of its fictional mascot, Eustace Tilly?" Well-done, glasses-wearing white men!

The standings:

1. Jefferson Davis Starship
2. Fantastic Fournicators/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)
4. Sugah Titz
5. Gerard Depardouche/Mechanically Separated Chicken (tie)
7. Cunning Stunts
8. The Audiophobes/Incontinental Congress (tie)
10. Oh Noah You Didn't

NEXT SHOW: We're back not in two but three weeks (dodging Passover; thanks for booing that fact, that's really classy). April 5, again at Crash. We'll be sticking with Crash until May; beyond that, we'll keep you posted. Onward! [Sound of whip cracking]