February 1, 2010

Recap: Songs suck, trivia doesn't

First thing: a bonus question…

What portmanteau word, derived from the title of a pop music song, has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary with the definition "Sexually attractive, sexy; shapely"?

I ask that, because a team gave me a note at the end of the show, reading, "Seriously? 'Bootylicious' gets added to the Oxford English Dictionary and it doesn't so much as warrant a shout-out?!? I feel betrayed." Sorry, passed me by.

Tonight's quiz was ka-ray-zy!!! Lots of people, including a massive group up front celebrating the birthday of Michael (a.k.a. Moby look-alike No. 1). Glad you shared it with us. Other highlights…

-- Multiple mentions of the ubiquitous Lady Gaga (yes, she took her name from this song).
-- Some tough special rounds: Movie + Movie + Movie = TV Show was more challenging than I'd anticipated, but I think it's a great gimmick. Check out the previous edition here. And hey, "These Songs Suck (…Blood, 'Cause They're About Vampires)" was keying into the zeitgeist. That's my thing.
-- A cornucopia of juvenile Smart-Ass Points for "Typically, what are you going to get if you’re traveling to Pier 76?" A hooker, herpes, a blow job, a blow job from a teen hooker and—everyone's favorite—a reach-around. We're mature, we are.

And what a finish. Fat Kids made it to the Three-Way Finale, attempting to defend their crown, but they had to hold off the challenge of a resurgent Strippers for Steven Jobs (as they were known) and Sugah Titz, who did especially well on the audio round (I'm told that Kristin and Chrissy, two of the Lady Titz, spent many an hour studying vampire songs). But the most gregarious Tit of them all, Jonathan, clinched victory with "What current band is fronted by the guy who played Jordan on My So-Called Life?" I do not endorse his post-victory table-humping, by the way.

The standings:
1. Sugah Titz: First team to win twice in the Three-Way Finale era.
2. Fat Kids Are on Thin Ice/Strippers for Steven Jobs (tie)
4. Fantastic Fournicators
5. Gerard Depardouche
6. Cash Cab 4 Cutie
7. Jefferson Davis Starship
8. Big Green Cabbage/Tattoos for the Eldery (Scott Beowulf Edition) (tie)
10. Incontinental Congress

NEXT: We're back at (Le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker, on February 15, then we return to Crash on March 1. The magical Interwebs help you keep up.