February 21, 2010

Desert island desserts (and other foods)

Yesterday, someone asked me to name my favorite foods. More specifically, the ten foods I would choose if I could eat only ten foods for the rest of my life, which is a completely absurd question. But it is more interesting than just "What are your favorite foods?" So I obliged. Here's what I came up with, in random order, with very little time to think this through, and a fair amount of hunger.
1. Chipwich: I like ice cream like anyone, but it's never inspired in me the passion that some others seem to feel. It needs more, I suppose. The Chipwich—ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies, rolled in chocolate chips—is more. The perfect more. Though it is a little disturbing that the official website describes it as a "premium novelty," which makes me think of plastic vomit.
2. Plain bagel: I eat way too much of these things, ten times a week in some bizarre chapters of my life. Butter or cream cheese, occasionally salmon spread, once in a while lox. Toasted sometimes, untoasted others. And good, big fat, ones, New York–style, not emaciated California or Montreal ones; I am fortunate to live near one of the best spots in the city.
3. Pizza: Obvious, but true. We've been over this.
4. Goldfish: The crackers. Perfect level of salty and cheesy. Speaking of which…
5. Blue cheese: Mold is good. I'm a bit of a cheese nut, but I'd never had a specific favorite till recently. But the last few years have been the Era of Blue Cheese for me: salad dressing, melted on sandwiches, etc. And besides, we need to encourage the concept of blue food, the chromatoculinary blind spot of nature.
6. Chocolate chip cookies: Perhaps this is redundant with Chipwiches, but so be it. Mrs. Toll House is my lord and savior.
7. Broccoli cheese soup: I never understood people who think broccoli is disgusting; it's the best vegetable. It's tasty, crunchy, and it's like eating a little tree. But if you really want to knock it out of the park, break it in tiny pieces and drown it in warm cheese. Am I right?
8. Chocolate pudding: Like your mouth is taking a shower in chocolate.
9. Custard-style strawberry yogurt: Like your mouth is taking a shower in fruit.
10. Chicken: This is very vague, I know. But despite recurring vows to go at least somewhat vegetarian, I eat a whole lot of chicken, in various preparations, almost always off the bone (Buffalo wings usually make me gag). I think I'll go get a burrito at Chipotle right now.