January 20, 2010

Recap: See, there are two arms

That's Jim Abbott, former New York Yankees pitcher. Clearly, he has two arms. So last night, when I asked "What was physiologically unusual about Jim Abbott, a pitcher who threw a no-hitter for the Yankees in 1993?," I really shouldn't have given a half point for "He was missing an arm." But hey, I'm a charitable guy. Nonetheless, a visit to Abbott's official website confirms: He was missing a hand. Don't say I never do nothing nice for you.

What did we learn at last night's fabulous Martin Luther King Day edition of the Big Quiz Thing at Crash Mansion? A lot:

— There are a lot of names/titles that have the word king in them, everything from the Sacramento Kings to Peking duck to Rodney King (both too soon and too late), all seen in the "Court of Kings" video round. Smart-Ass Point to the team that couldn't ID John King beyond "The fucking guy on CNN."

Six Feet Under is not a sitcom. But if Quizmaster Noah writes a four-part question about sitcom finales and puts Six Feet Under in there and then forgets to rename the category, it should count as a sitcom.

— This is a good question: "What’s the common description? Mark Twain’s hometown, an Oscar-winning role from 1991, and a man who was famous for riding an elephant." I know that it's good, because an audience member told me so. And then told me he's a professional crossword-puzzle designer, so you know you can trust him.

The Not-So-Secret Secret Clue is a hit. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get a fresh clue the day of each new Big Quiz Thing.

— What's "the Greatest Love of All" according to Whitney Houston? It's not cocaine, though if you answer that, you get a great, big Smart-Ass Point, which will help compensate for your team coming in last place (thanks, Pictorograham Punks!).

—The BQT's Boston-area debut is next week! Tell your Boston-area friends that they're in for an experience they will never, ever forget, at least for a couple months or so.

— The Three-Way Finale keeps going strong. And the standings are (now with a top ten)…

1. Fat Kids Eat the Profits: Their first victory after four years of contention. Their superstar representative took the crown with "In 1986, what became the first rap album to hit No. 1 in the U.S.?" Definitely figureoutable, so if you like, chalk it up to being quick on the buzzer. Still, a well-earned victory.
2. Gerard Depardouche/Incontinental Congress: They both kept it tense till the final question, which is what we thrive on.
4. Strippers for Stephen Hawking: Only team to completely ace the "Maximum Elvis" audio round.
5. The Fantastic Fourincators/Jefferson Davis Starship
7. Cash Cab for Cutie
8. Big Green Cabbage: Making their long-awaited return.
9. Oh Noah You Didn't/Sugah Titz

Who will win next time? You never can tell with all this Three-Way excitement. Be there on February 1 to find out (and to witness the return of "Movie + Movie + Movie = TV Show").


BA/Fat said...

I'm NOT complaining, but one of the questions- the one about Jersey Shore, and all the principals having vowels at the end of their names, was incorrect:


BA, sensitive Italian

Anonymous said...

I thought Sugah Titz came in 9th?

The Big Quiz Thing said...

BA: Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnick left the show after episode 3, leaving seven people on the show. I should have added a "currently" in there.

Anonymous: My mistake: Sugah Titz and Oh Noah You Didn't tied for 9th. I fixed the post.

BA/Fat said...

Ahh. See, I didn't know that, since I make a point of avoiding everyone's favorite Italian-American minstrel show.

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