November 29, 2009

Quizmaster live: Geeking Out + Dark Neverending Adventures

Coolness: On December 18, I return to 92YTribeca, which is a classy yet eclectic venue (with a pretty fine café—I had an extremely tasty bowl of penne last time I was there), for not one, not three, not even 50 events, but two different shots of BQT-style trivia on the same night.
First, I'm taking part in an event that really, really has my name all over it. Kevin Maher's monthly series, Kevin Geeks Out, is a lot of fun, especially for people like you (and I know who you are). He and I have been trying to collaborate for some time, but the stars align for the December event, a holiday grab bag. I'll be doing a brief trivia spot with audience volunteers, for prizes, naturally.

Then later that evening, same venue (though possibly a different actual room—92YTribeca is rather labyrinthine), I'll be doing the preshow for a screening of that fondly recalled childhood distraction, The NeverEnding Story (I respect the CamelCase). It's part of the December film series Dark Neverending Adventures, a cavalcade of '80s fantasy films (before you click the link, see if you can guess what the other movies are; I know, not that much of a challenge). I'm going to be doing a set of questions about a variety of films, and these have been fun to put together; I find myself researching some wacky films I hadn't thought about in eons. Even The NeverEnding Story—haven't watched that since Amanda Saslow and her girlfriends forced me to sit through it after school one day in eighth grade (they thought the actor who played Atreyu was cute, coincidentally named Noah).

December 18, check the 92YT site for ticket info. While we're at it, I love doing as many events like this as possible—variety shows, unusual screenings, etc.—so e-mail if you're in the booking business (and I work cheap, of course).


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