November 16, 2009

EDP wins!

As you know, last night, the Big Quiz Thing's resident sidekick, EDP, along with his family (specifically his mother and brother), competed on Food Network Challenge—four families, each cooking their own traditional Thanksgiving feast. Since his parents hail from Egypt (what—you didn't know he's African-American?), the EDP clan made a Middle Eastern–style meal, not your typical Thanksgiving dinner (though turkey was included, which led to the most nail-biting moment, as their deep-fried bird took on an especially blackened tinge). Professional chefs judged the various meals, and awarded 10 grand to the family behind the tastiest.

Of course, EDP won (he bought a new computer), and got to live the childhood fantasy of receiving an oversize novelty check. But more importantly, Eric himself was far and away the most magnetic character on the episode, and accordingly got the most talking-head screen time. He got off some good lines, talked smack about another family's vegetarian Thanksgiving meal, even snarked the judges. His mom and brother were plenty likable too, and now the campaign is on for a spin-off (no joke).

Watch the clever video above, and tune in Wednesday at 8pm for a rebroadcast (schedule here). Once he gets his foot in the door there, EDP and I get sell the Food Network on our pitch for an all-culinary-trivia BQT TV adaptation.


BlueDuck said...

Congrats, EDP!

Can you bring the leftovers to the next BQT? Just hand it out as random prizes in lieu of cookies.

--Fournicator Jeremy

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