October 27, 2009

Creepy, crawly, trivia-y

Thank you, gods of baseball, for letting the Yankees win on Sunday night. Oh, I don't particularly care which teams play in the World Series (could you guess, based on the rarity of sports questions at the BQT?), but I'm so, so glad there wasn't a game seven to conflict with last night's quiz. Although, I do know you all would've picked me over A-Rod. Of course.

Great fun last night—"Crawling with Real Live Insects!" was exciting, and creepy, and fairly easy, but I knew that would happen (although I'm still bummed that Crash Mansion's video system failed to reveal the lovely detail in my insect designs; check YouTube for the full picture). I came up with this game while riding the 1 train, as reported here. Inspiration is everywhere; truly we live in a trivial world.

Last night was brutal on the Smart-Ass Point front, though despite your curmudgeonly booing, I maintain that "Kool and the Gang" is a funny answer for "Coulrophobia refers to the very common fear of what very strange people?" I also think "Dan Aykroyd" is a clever response to "Who replaced John Belushi as the rotund brother in Blues Brothers 2000?"

But it didn't matter, because that team won the game anyway. Yes, the Fantastic Fournicators (this time with two women) returned to the top spot, edging out Jefferson Davis Starship, perennial fifth-placers who are so due for a victory (DJ GB—or "Gizz Bizz"—even protested JDS's near loss by refusing to play the traditional victory music postshow. You can't get more honest.)

The standings:

1. Fantastic Fournicators
2. Jefferson Davis Starship
3. Gerard Depardouche
4. Birds of Ill Omen
5. Betty Draper Thighs

And yes, the Saw question was poorly phrased. Apologies.

NEXT TIME: November 9, the return of "Three Degrees of Musical Separation," plus something called "The Geography Junk Bin." Wacky.

And don't forget: You can win free admission to the BQT throughout 2010! Refer us for your office holiday party. If we book the event, you win, plus I give you a hearty slap on the back, or a pleasing pat on the head, whichever you prefer.


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