September 15, 2009

Learning a lot about your quizmaster

I have no idea why the fonts are doing this…

Last night's Big Quiz Thing provided some rare (?) insight into the life of your quizmaster. Thanks to our video round, "Brand Name Bonanza," you got to see what kind of consumer products I purchase—yes, my apartment is full of Kozy Shack pudding and Scotch tape. The audio round, "There Is No Shame in A Cappella," revisited a dark chapter in my life, when I was a member of a collegiate a cappella group. And, as usual, questions straight out my all-time favorite book, the Merriam-Webster's dictionary. (Eleventh edition, of course.) A matching pair:

What website’s name is in the latest edition of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, lowercased, as a verb meaning to use that website specifically?


What computer program’s name is in the latest edition of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, lowercased, as a verb meaning to use the program or one like it?

Otherwise, it was a competitive, spirited evening; at the midpoint, longtime bridesmaids the Cunning Stunts held the lead and returning champs Fantastic Fournicators languished in a tie for fifth place, but a mere two points separated them. Thus, by the time the dust settled, they'd traded places; FF reprised their victory (after vanquishing Sugah Titz in a tie-breaker), the Stunts tied for fifth. What a world.

The standings:

1. Fantastic Fournicators: Pulling it out in the tie-breaker, thanks to
"Contrary to myth, violin strings were never made from body parts of what animal?" and "What well-known dessert's name is German for 'whirlpool'?"
2. Sugah Titz: Ooh, so close

3. Cash Cab for Cuties
4. Jefferson Davis Starship: Not in 5th place, for once
5. The Cunning Stunts/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)

Props to Gerard Depardouche, who didn't even come close this week (tie for 12th), but gave us some good Smart-Ass answers in the Lighting Round (the southernmost point in Africa is the Cape of Good Head, the state that six of the first ten Presidents were born in was "nudity," etc.).

We're back at Crash Mansion on September 28, immediately post-atonement. Hoping to be back at (Le) Poisson Rouge in November; will let you know.