August 26, 2009

Prizes! (part one)

For this Monday's 200th Episode Spectacular (handsomely blurbed in Time Out New York this week), I promised an extra-special slate of prizes, and I intend to deliver. Some details are still being ironed out, but here's what I can tell you now, immediately, at this moment (and now…and now…okay, I'll stop…now!):

First place gets, not $200, but $300! Incredible.

Second place gets, not $50, but $100! Unreal. Also, some treats: This week, it's cupcakes from a lovely place called Cupcakes in Heels, straight outta Bayside, Queens. I'm told "they specialize in delectably creamy cupcakes with a little bit of frosting in every bite…fresh baked goods that are both health conscious and delicious." Flavors include chocolate, tiramisu, pistachio, coconut and carrot walnut, and that urban-legend favorite, red velvet. Plus, until September 7, mention the Big Quiz Thing and get one dozen gourmet mini cupcakes for free with each order. We're hooking you up, kids. (And yes, more cupcakes throughout the evening.)

The distribution of other prizes is TBD, but we got tickets to the snappy Off Broadway hit The Marvelous Wonderettes. I have it on good authority that it's "a cotton-candy colored, nonstop pop musical blast from the past!": a '50s and '60s jukebox musical, basically, which actually sounds like a crapload of fun to me. Very pretty website, too.

My friends at Heeb magazine are offering a one year's subscription to their fine publication, featuring everything that a self-respecting hipster NYC Jew needs to know. I'm so happy to shill for them; I've written an essay for their forthcoming book, Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish.

Another friend of the show, Rachel Kramer Bussel (expected to be in attendance at the big show), is offering a bunch of her erotically themed book collections, including the new Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories (yes, it is). Don't believe anyone who says trivia will never get you laid, or a reasonable simulation thereof.

Plus, we have random yet sweet other books and DVDs, including The DC Vault and seasons one and two of the Bialik-riffic Blossom. More prize details later; off the hook is how it's all going to be.