July 21, 2009

Open the pod bay doors, HAL

It's an accepted fact among modern American society that someday, computers will destroy us all. Tonight was most likely the machines' initial volley in their attempt to conquer humanity—EDP's laptop refused to work, making implementation of the Big Quiz Thing's video format impossible, and as many a philosopher has said, as goes the Big Quiz Thing, so goes the world.

However, we human beings proved we're craftier than the machines give us credit for. Despite the lack of our Hot New Format, Team BQT pulled an awesome quiz show out of its collective heinie. (Sorry, no "Movies Go Kaboom," but I did manage to dig up some "TV Themes Retranslated," perhaps my most reliably amusing recurring gimmick.) Bravo for Homo sapiens; we may yet survive the technological apocalypse.

What's interesting, though, is that the format we ran with last night was basically the format for every Big Quiz Thing for its first several years. When we started at the Slipper Room, the venue had no screen, no projector. It was glorious when the theater upped its tech game and we could play DVDs, but even into the Crash Mansion days, we had no capacity for all of the text on the video screens (the Hot New Format, as we call it) until less than a year ago. But still, last night—despite our success in the maw of disaster—felt like a step backward. Standards have risen, my friends.

And you all raised the standard as an audience. Without a doubt, the best Smart-Ass Point–soliciting question of the night was A racehorse’s father is known as its sire. Its mother is its what? Two teams said "Sarah Jessica Parker" (nice), one team said "Elmer's Glue" (classy), but one team got a boffo response with "Never satisfied no matter how fucking fast I run…" Brav-o, comedians.

The standings. The usual group of nerds…

1. Gerard Depardouche -- A return to victory, thanks to the reappearance of Dan, the head Douche, newly married. Now all of his problems have been solved.
2. Strippers for Stephen Hawking/Fantastic Fournicators (tie)
4. Cash Cab for Cutie
5. Fat Kids Can't Be Astronauts

We're back in two weeks, August 3, but save the date for August 31, when we bust out the 200th Episode at a special venue, (Le) Poisson Rouge (Bleecker Street near Thompson). 7pm, and no, that's not Labor Day. More details soon, but expect some nutty shit.

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