June 23, 2009

Threeways are NOT overated

First of all, seriously, I swear, another Super Mega Ultra Hard Question soon. Plus, more of my favorite songs. Plus, more, more, etc., etc.

So while EDP was sorely missed at tonight's BQT—we're all curious how the family did on the Food Network—we had what could be accurately described, I believe, as a barrel of monkeys. Nine teams—nine!—out of 23 got that supposedly impossible rock logo correct (see above), and you absolutely cleaned up with the Sporty Sounds audio round. (Yes, not songs about sports, but actual audio of people playing and others commentated pro sports. Man, I never knew darts was so exciting.) Massive thanks to Claudia for guest-sidekicking; she now returns to the ranks of team Tattoos for the Elderly. See, she's just like you!!!

Great Smart-Ass Point tonight: "Courtesy Thomas Edison, the first word recorded and played back on a phonograph was what proper name?" The Smart-Ass answer: Satan, but it was backwards. Nothing like 1980s-style backwards-masking paranoia for a good belly laugh.

And man, what a finish! Three-way tie! Returning champs Cash Cab 4 Cutie, perennial victors Gerard Depardouche, and brand-new debuting team the Farsi Side. Onstage tiebreaker with the bells! (And yes, I bring three bells with me each time, just in case this happens.) A nail-biter as none of the players know…

What incredibly weird 2001 film included conversations about time travel and the sexuality of Smurfs?

But the Douche knew…
What do you call a young domesticated pigeon that has never flown and is raised for meat?

Then Cash Cab riposted with…
In which river did John the Baptist baptize Jesus?

Again, no one got…
In the early 1990s, a new comic-book publisher called Image Comics briefly dominated the industry, largely on the strength of what new character?

But then the Farsi Side caught up, stealing a correct answer on…
Of the three candidates who received electoral college votes in the 1912 presidential election, how many of them served as President at some point, past present or future?

And finally, in an ever-so-close finish, TFS took it on…
What was the apropos nickname of the 16th and 17th century Greek religious painter who worked primarily in Spain?

And thus, our standings:

1. The Farsi Side: A victorious debut!
2. Cash Cab 4 Cutie/Gerard Depardouche (a tiebreaker for second would've been anticlimatic, and besides, I was running out of questions)
4. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
5. Fantastic Fournicators/Fat Kids Ruin Your Gas Mileage (tie)

July 6! Two days after the Fourth of July, we're busting out an American theme: "An Entirely Presidented Quiz" in the video, "Welcome to America!" in the audio. Party time.