June 1, 2009

Super Mega Answer: Oh, Happy Days!

Back from vacation (or at least en route). Last week's Super Mega Ultra Hard Question has been answered, and the correct response is…

(Richie was played by Ron Howard. Richie's dad's name was Howard Cunningham. I cannot begin to recall how/why this popped into my head.)

Congratulations to Greg of Strippers for Stephen Hawking, who got it right and won the drawing for free admission. As a bonus, Greg posed to me the following question.

What first and last name combination is shared by a character on one TV series and an actor on another?

He also says "the shows are linked in two different ways." Any guesses? I'm stumped, but I'm probably not trying that hard. Though I do suspect that there's more than one valid answer.

As another bonus, the extended version of the Happy Days theme song (the post–"Rock Around the Clock" one). Cheesilicious goodness:


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