May 19, 2009

Twittering magic

So I've finally cracked the Twitter code: I've figured out how to tweet effectively, and in a way I don't find utterly and hopelessly pointless. Periodically throughout the day—five or six times, actually—I'm simply posting an old Big Quiz Thing trivia question. Entertaining, easy, and since it's drifted down the feed within a couple hours, I don't blow my quizzy wad (as it were) and ruin the question for future use. Be part of the excitement here.

However, this morning, something interesting happened. I posted this question:
In 1987, in a move that startled viewers, Price Is Right host Bob Barker stopped doing what?

Fun, fun. But then, I got a message that "Barker's Beauty (PriceIsBlog) is now following your updates on Twitter. " And I checked out this guy's feed: He live-tweets episode of The Price Is Right. Fascinating. He has a blog, too. He must search Twitter every day for any mention of his beloved game show, and there I was.

Who would be interested in this? I mean, I respect the guy's passion—I love The Price Is Right too, as I've often declared at the quiz—but this level of dedication is stunning. God bless the diversity of the human race.

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