May 6, 2009

This Monday—a video-round preview

Hola, disciples. This Monday, the video round is another new gem, "Several Pictures Are Worth Fewer than a Thousand Words." What does that mangled Chinese proverb indicate, for quiz purposes? It means this: behold, a sample…

Nice expressionistic collage, isn't it? But puzzle out the constituent pieces and you'll discover they have something in common:
A spike
The BQT logo
An oxygen tank
An old-timey nickelodeon

Yes, indeed: They're all cable networks. Each one of these will feature five elements that have one thing in common. This Monday night; be present.

As for the audio round, we're doing "And They're Off!" Your first task is to guess what the theme is. Plus, more theater tickets.

UPDATE: Yeah, this example is pretty tough, though I assure you, it's harder than what we're actually using. But EDP and I have been discussing (Mrs. EDP was completely stumped by it), and we'll be tweaking the challengingness a little. Everything's cool; trust your quizmaster.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Unless you made your sample much, much harder and more confusing than the rest of the round, this may well go down as the absolute WORST video round you've ever done. Each of those five things could represent at least half a dozen different things (to take just one of them: USA, map, United States, 50 states, America, nation, country, continental/contiguous US, etc). And the image quality on at least two of them is a little lacking. (YOU know what the images are because you picked them yourself. Crash Mansion's projector screens will make these items look even fuzzier than they do online.) If I were you, I'd put in some extra work refining this so it's not an absolute clusterfuck.(Sorry if tone seems harsh. Just trying to be helpful. This seems like an impending disaster, or at least a round that requires two or three times the normal length for teams to puzzle out.)

The Big Quiz Thing said...


Actually, I agree this one is tough, part of the reason I'm not using it in the actual show.

Anonymous said...

Whew. Sorry if I was overly alarmist. Usually your samples are much easier than the actual questions during the quiz, so this seemed like evidence of an absolute nightmare of a round.

Matt said...

It would be difficult to be nastier than the "Secrets Of The Subway" video round from late last year.

And I project the audio round will (yet again) be "Songs That Everyone Else In The Room Knows But Incontinental Congress, Causing Them To Blow It."

BlueDuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BlueDuck said...

I still think 'Secrets of the Subway System' is a great idea for a round... if it was actually trivia about the subway system itself (ie. pics from a station, you ID the station, etc).

Big public transit nerd over here.

--Jeremy of the FF, who concedes not only that 'Empty Nest' was technically not a true spinoff but also that he is a big spaz.

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