March 3, 2009

Yes, the quiz happened last night!

Yesterday was brutal here in N to the Y to the C: snow, slush, hail, darkness, locusts, slaying of the firstborn…wait, no, sorry. (I've been busy working on a new Big Jewish Quiz Thing, for a private Purim party, no lie.) Yet, dozens of you tromped out to Crash Mansion for a delightfully delightful edition of the BQT. Bless you.

Big props to EDP for covering the DJ booth, for our last show before mama DJ GB's return. The man can do it all, and usually does.

"The Proverbial Proverb Thesaurus" was loads of fun (the idiots who booed beforehand can bite me), the "We're Broke!" audio round was depressingly amusing, and we had a bumper crop of Smart-Ass Points last night (congrats to the guy whose girlfriend is "only sleeping with him because he's good at the Big Quiz Thing audio rounds").

And yes, FANTASTIC FOURNICATORS WON AGAIN! Gaaah! I'm going to think of a way to handicap them.

The standings…

1. FF (you know)
2. Gerard Depardouche (looked like they might do it, but alas)
3. Birds of Ill Omen
4. Cash Cab for Cutie
5. Strippers for Stephen Hawking/Jefferson Davis Starship (tie)

Next time: DJ GB! Plus, "More '80s Music Video Mash-Ups" in the video round, and an audio round, "It's Actually Quite Easy Being Green." That last one isn't as obvious as you might be thinking; an experiment, to be sure.