February 3, 2009

Win some, lose some


People didn't like "The Trivial Secrets of the NYC Subway." I worked on that shit for, like, six months, rethinking it, reconfiguring things. It sort of became my white whale—perhaps it was ultimately a folly. Nonetheless, I'm glad I finally harpooned it onto the Crash Mansion stage; the beast is dead, and I have survived. I'm always trying something new, though. (And I do think there's something to this game; perhaps it would be fun in print.)

Anyway, Fantastic Fournicators won again and Slumdog Millionaire turns out to have been based on a novel. We carry on into the trivia beyond.

To look forward to: Next show, February 16: "Character Actors on Parade." You're going to fucking love this shit! (Seriously, no joke.) And our annual Valentine's Day audio round: Instead of another generic "Anti-Love Songs" round, it'll specifically focus on adultery. 'Cause we all love that.

To come on this blog: Another Super Mega Ultra Hard Question, another in my series of posts about my all-time favorite songs, more more more. I love you.

This week's standings…

1. Fantastic Fournicators (AAAAHHHH!)
2. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
3. Gerard Depardouche
4. Incontinental Congress
5. Sugah Titz/ Recreational Chemistry (tie)


BlueDuck said...

For the record, I actually love subway trivia. Here's a suggestion for a future subway-themed video round... show a shot from 10 random, but distinctive, subway stations, and we have to name them. Something like that.

I know, I know, you don't come down to my job and knock the dick out of my mouth.

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