February 25, 2009

Men. Watched.

I saw Watchmen today. Can't give much away (bad form in the journalism biz). But liked it; not crazy, ecstatic love, but definitely intense like. Very faithful to the book (to its detriment at points). There's even one major element that I think improves upon the graphic novel. So I think we can call this a geek victory.

A few things to keep in mind…

—Six hours after leaving the screening and I've already heard/read three joking references to Doctor Manhattan's blue penis (which is quite visible at many points in the movie). This will be the juvenile Watchmen meme in our pop culture of the coming weeks, mark my words.

—One actor in the movie gives an especially bad performance, nearly ruining the character. I will not say whom for now, but this person is my new archnemesis (the hated Alex Trebek is laying low at present).

—That crappy actor is not Jackie Earle Haley; dude is awesome. He shares my birthday: He's 14 years older, and 14 is my lucky number (we were born on the 14th). I am cosmically linked to Rorschach. Back to therapy for me!

—I plan to see it again at some point, after the mania has died down a bit. Who wants to organize a BQT fan outing?

—Some trivia (how about that?): The Watchmen characters were based on heroes DC purchased from Charlton Comics in the early '80s; Alan Moore was given them to play around with, then DC changed its mind, deciding the work the heroes into the fabric of their fictional universe. Basically, the Comedian = The Peacemaker (Moore has said that Watchmen started as a murder mystery, "Who killed the Peacemaker?"), Rorschach = The Question, Nite Owl = Blue Beetle (both), Doctor Manhattan = Captain Atom, Silk Spectre = Nightshade, Ozymandias = Thunderbolt, and the Squid Monster = Mr. Muscles (might be wrong about that last one). I'd love to post photos/links of all these characters, but it's late and I'm hungry, and you know how to use the Google.


Anonymous said...

Forget Rorschach. If the main photo on Haley's imdb page is any indication, homeboy should play Spider Jerusalem in his next picture. DANG.

BlueDuck said...

Also saw this movie.

I think the true test of whether it was a good movie will be whether non-fanboys can understand and enjoy it. We won't find for another week, of course.

PS- Yes, the Rorschach performance was top-notch. The performance by a certain pivotal character? Notsomuch.

PPS- That penis was awesome. Two thumbs up.

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