February 6, 2009

I need some space

A BQT plea: I'm planning a special event. A very special event. I can't divulge all the details at the moment, but when it happens (and it will…), it will be big. You will be invited. And you will loooove it!

But here's the problem: Part of the bigness is weirdness. This will be no ordinary quiz event. As such, I've been having some trouble finding a suitable venue. Ars Nova was into it, but they couldn't make it work for them logistically. The Zipper Theater wanted too much money (maybe the reason it met its demise). Bowery Poetry Club couldn't make the scheduling work.

I need a place for a solid 24 hours. Preferably Saturday night through Sunday night. There should be capacity for at least 100. I do not have limitless funds for this. The other requirements are flexible—I'd like a bar and a sound system, but I could bring all that in if need be; I got peeps.

So theaters, bars, lofts, event space—I am flexible. Can you be helpful? E-mail info@bigquizthing. com with your suggestions and/or leads. The world is waiting…