January 8, 2009

Meanwhile, at the abandoned puzzle factory…

The other night, I met with a couple of people about doing a private quiz event for them (which has since been officially booked, hallelujah). Upon shaking the hand of one of these fellows, he said, "You don't look like what I expected; I was imagining the Riddler from Batman."

Interesting. I'm not sure if this should've bothered me; I mean, Frank Gorshin was awesome in the role (Jim Carrey was hella lame, and I've never cared for the comic book version), but he didn't exactly cut an imposing figure.

Then again, there was that snazzy alternate costume:

Much better. And I could use (another) spare suit jacket. You know what to get me for Valentine's Day, kids.

By the way, the Super Mega Ultra Hard Trivia Question of the Week will be back; EDP and I just set a date to film a whole bunch more. I'm also going to tweak the system so that you can win without waiting vigilantly by your computer and being the first one in with a correct answer at the expense of having a real life. Tuned you should stay.