January 6, 2009

Hot! New! Format!

A little background: EDP and I had been talking for months about adopting the hot new format you saw at last night's Big Quiz Thing, i.e., keeping the video screen pulled down and showing text for most of the questions. My perennial refrain was to tell EDP that I was happy to try it if it worked, but he'd have to take the reins. Anyway, he took them reins, it worked, it ups our game, and we're going to keep it going forward, tweaking and improving it along the way. (Yes, Aris, we're planning to have the text on the other video screens as well; patience.) Expect magic, pure magic.

DJ GB was missed last night—young Duncan is keeping her busy, as you can imagine—but DJ Mike a.k.a. Just Mike a.k.a. the Wolf a.k.a. whatever filled in ably, and he'll be back on the 19th. (And he needs a roommate. And at least one lady asked about him after the show. More about him here.) The downside was the preponderance of testosterone on the stage; is anyone interested in helping us out on stage as a new B-Cutie? (Lots of lovely fringe benefits, ladies, and I swear, no sexual harassment.)

I thought last night's audio round—"Songs You May Have Forgotten from Ten Years Ago"—was especially good, particularly considering how rotten most of those songs are. It inspired some nice nostalgia, and a full-fledged Smash Mouth sing-along. You people should be ashamed.

Next show: The video round is all about President Bush, the audio round is all about President Obama. (Whose name the dynamic spellcheck continually insists on flagging. Let's get it together, people—change has come!)

A reminder: This Friday night I perform as part of the Doris Yeltsin variety show, free, 8pm, at Sound Fix in Brooklyn. The full story here.

The standings…

1. Fantastic Fournicators (why do I bother to even type it?)
2. Gerard Depardouche (one point away, due for a return to victory)
3. Sugah Titz/Touched by an Uncle (tie)
5. Incontinental Congress

And yes, officially, last night was the biggest crowd in BQT public-show history: 188 people! Thanks for sticking it out, party people.


BlueDuck said...

As a card-carrying member of the Hanson fan club, I'm disgusted that someone thought "mmmBop" was a 1999 song. As everyone knows, it was the first single from Hanson's 1997 album, 'Middle of Nowhere'. 1,999 is, however, the number of children the Hanson brothers now have between them.

I have no life.

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