January 20, 2009

Farewell…and hello

Partly because I can't seem to manage it as much as I'd like to, it's always a great joy when the video round and the audio round of a particular edition of the Big Quiz Thing exhibit a degree of coordination. Last night was once such night: We saw "A Fond Farewell to President Bush," reliving the greatest misses of our now ex-CIC. (Relive it again by clicking above.) And then we heard "An Even More Fond Welcome to President Obama," for the audio round. Tenuous links between some of those songs and the new boss, but this is trivia, people—tenuous is acceptable.

The people from the Fine Living Network tell me they got great footage for their forthcoming Wingman episode, so stay tuned for that, if that's your idea of entertaining television (and I'll upload scenes here, for sure). I'm a little sorry that their team came in last place (didn't even play the Lightning Round), but hey, you play the game, you take your chances.

By my reckoning, I made two mistakes last night:

"Q: Of the 42 men who have served as President of the United States, how many served at least two complete consecutive terms?": The answer I was looking for was 12, and I read off the names (WashingtonJeffersonMadisonMonroeJacksonGrantWilsonFDR—HUHHH!—EisenhowerReaganClintonBush). Yes, okay, as of last night (when there were still only 42 men who have served as President), Bush hadn't completed two full terms. How about now, smart guy?

"Q: On The Carol Burnett Show, Carol would say hi to her mother by tugging on her what?": It was her grandmother. That changed everything!

The Hot New Format was even hotter and newer and formattier last night, and we were overjoyed at the return of B-Cutie Nicki. We forge ahead to February 2, when we'll be playing a new video round, "The Trivia Secrets of the NYC Subway," and a long-planned audio game, "Just One Word."

The standings…

1. Strippers for Stephen Hawking (and the coin flips again)
2. Fantastic Fournicators (for now…)
3. Gerard Depardouce/I Beg Your Midnight Pardon (tie)
5. Jefferson Davis Starship/Oh Noah You Didn't (tie)


Vitamin Steve said...

I just want to say that we, the Fantastic Fournicators, were not done in by our lack of trivial knowledge, but rather by our former president's poor speaking ability, effectively losing the game because of various half points due being slightly wrong on a few quotes.

BlueDuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BlueDuck said...

Suck it up, Steve! As someone who has managed to cope with the last eight years by allowing myself to view George W. Bush as some sort of brilliant Andy Kaufman-esque comedian, I blame no one but ourselves... errr, myself for our failure to remember the exact quotes.

The Bush administration has ended. In the battle of American democracy, those valuing basic intelligence and competence have prevailed.

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