January 1, 2009

The BQT in the BKLYN

Here's something amazing…in the six-plus years of the Big Quiz Thing, no version of the game has ever been been performed in an NYC borough other than Manhattan. We've been to California, New Orleans, Minnesota, a barn in rural Pennsylvania, but never the outerboroughs. Fuckin' snobs.

This is changing: Friday night, January 9, Quizmaster Noah (me, of course) will be making an appearance at Sound Fix, Williamsburg's hybrid record store/performance venue, as part of the comedy show Doris Yeltsin. It's cohosted by Claudia Cogan, BQT regular and erstwhile guest sidekick, and I appear to be the only man involved in this event. Stunning.

Details here, but know that it's 8pm and it's free, and I will be giving away prizes. The plan is to revive an old favorite special round, "TV Themes Retranslated." I've done a handful of these things—a little quiz as part of a variety/comedy show—and it's always been oodles of laughs. I'm hoping to do more in 2009, so feel free to hook me up through your copious connections.

CORRECTION: The Don't Touch Me There comedy troupe, also on the bill, is mostly men. My testosterone will not be alone.

Also, here's the flyer: