December 24, 2008

Recap from wherever I am

Sorry for the late recap post—I'm still recovering from a hellish, 24-hour, cross-country travel ordeal. It's proof of how spoiled we are that I define "hellish travel" as unexpectedly spending a night at a La Quinta Inn in Euless, Texas, and losing my iPod; a hundred years ago, "hellish travels" was spending months dragging your trade ship across the isthmus of Panama and dying of malaria along the way. I'm a complainer.

Monday's Big Quiz Thing was the final BQT pre–DJ GB popping out her kid, and we wished her a fond farewell with the audio round, "The Baby's Coming!" And the video round: In case any of you who didn't make it to the event are curious, "The Absolutely Greatest Video Round in the History of Mankind!!!" (or whatever I called it) was actually a series of rebuses of famous people who died in 2008: "Rebus in Peace," I called it.

I also announced the BQT's New Year's resolution: We're going paperless. Well, not really, and possibly not at all. It's just that I want to investigate the possibility of not dealing with the endless large volume of sheets of paper that our format entails. I've been searching online, but I need to make a voyage to Staples to truly investigate. Dry erase boards? Impossibly cheap computers? Lots of chalk? Feel free to make suggestions. There's a good chance I won't change anything—I care about the earth, but not at the expense of my little bar quiz game.

We're back in '09 on January 5—we'll be looking back on 2008 movies in the audio round, and songs from ten years ago in the audio round. GB returns in March.

And now, of course, this week's standings…

1. Fantastic Fournicators (Yes, again. They told me afterwards that they have won the BQT's pre-Christmas show four years running.)
2. Sugah Titz (valiant effort—perfect score the first two rounds. They're due a victory.)
3. Tattoos for the Elderly/Strippers for Stephen Hawking/Glass Menage a Trois (tie)

Happy whatever…2009 is going to be an extremely important year for the Big Quiz Thing, mark my words. See you then.


Matt said...

Yes, the Fournicators have won the final BQT of the year for the fourth year in a row. They have never, however, won the first BQT of a new year before. So there's real hope for everyone this week.

Good luck!

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