July 26, 2008

(Gig) Salad days

We just joined this…
But no, there's no piano playing involved. As you may know, the BQT does a lot of private quiz events for various and sundry clients, but we're always looking for more, and this little service looks like it might help (and didn't cost a whole lot). Check out our Gig Salad profile here. And as a great crime fighter has said, bring 'em on.

But the best part is when I signed up for the service, it gave me a wide variety of "Talent Categories" to register under. I opted for "Game Show for Event," under "Variety & Specialty." I would've loved to have gotten more specific (something with "Trivia" in it), but this was as close as they offer. Which is odd, because some of their choices are awfully specific. I mean, I have no doubt there are plenty of escape artists, martial-arts performers, stilt walkers, and square-dance callers, but couldn't they have lumped them all together under "Acts You Had No Idea Still Existed in the 21st Century but Might Be Interested in Hiring Anyway"?

But crazier is that there are two separate classifications of "Tribute Bands" and "Impersonators," each broken down into some insanely specific options. Yeah, sure, Beach Boys tribute bands and Groucho Marx impersonators, but is there really anyone in the market for a Gin Blossoms tribute band? Shit, how many times can you hear "Hey Jealousy" sung by a guy who works nights at a Kinko's? And how in Lord's name are there enough people who even remember the show Columbo to create a market for a whole category of Columbo impersonators?

But apparently, as this and this prove, these things exist. Maybe the BQT should specialize more; only trivia about Joanie Loves Chachi. Or Seals & Crofts. Or the 1976 lineup of the Philadelphia Eagles. Or maybe nothing but analogy questions relating to Lewis Cass, 1848 Democratic nominee for President. If people like this get hired, I will never, ever believe there's a recession going on.