June 26, 2008

Bad news, good news

Good news: The next Big Quiz Thing is this Monday night, the 30th. But then, you probably knew that, being on the mailing list and all.

Bad news: EDP will be MIA. He and Mrs. DP (a.k.a. doorgirl Lori) are celebrating their second anniversary and will thus be vacationing in Spain or Tahiti or the Galapagos or something (they're jet-setters; I can't keep track).

Good news: We have another Eric filling in as sidekick: one of my favorite local comedians, Eric Kirchberger. I once choked on a straw in a glass of Coke after he told a particularly awesome joke about O. Henry. Plus, Smart-Ass Points will be extra valuable this week, as hearing Eric's laugh is a prize unto itself. And he's allergic to wheat (not that that's relevant to anything).

Bad news: Your quizmaster is feeling a little burnt out, being the trivia king of NYC and all.

Good news: Part of the reason I'm so burned out is because we're mucho busy with the BQT special events. Mostly private gigs (click on "Hire Us!"), but there may be a fun surprise later this summer. Tuned in is how you should stay. Also, my cornucopia of Time Out New York trivia is at your disposal.

That's it for the good news. But here's some more bad news, albeit of the awesome variety.

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