April 22, 2008

Recap! Recap!

Wow, what a fun BQT last night. People made fun of my jacket, and not every trivia geek in New York is Jewish. And we learned something interesting: Few subjects are more divisive than great works of theater, and Yacht Rock. Both the theater video round and the YR audio round were unusual in that nearly every team either did spectacularly well or horribly poorly.

That said, I fucking loved both: Equus rocks, and Hall and Oates are gods. And if you were among those who did dig the Yacht Rock, don't miss the eponymously titled monthly night of Yacht Rock hits, hosted by our own DJ GB (a.k.a. "Land Ho") and last night's guest DJ, Amy ("White Whine"), the first Thursday of every month at Lolita Bar (Broome St at Allen St—an awesome bar, if I do say so). If you're among those who like theater, go to the TKTS booth (or as my dad inexplicably used to call it, "Tickets Tickets Tickets").

Sadly (for them), Sugah Titz was unable to follow up on its long-overdue victory from the last show. But they were replaced by another team that has long competed yet fallen short of victory: William H. Macy and the Sunshine Band (formerly known as Too Friggin' Cute for Words and some other names). So there is always hope.

And for those of you who missed it, we gave out the awesome new trophy, pictured below:

Finally, and I'll try to do this from now on for every show, here's how it shook out:
1. William H. Macy and the Sunshine Band
2. Bitter Herb (the Pennsylvania Jew)
3. Fantastic Fournicators
Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)
5. Birds of Ill Omen


Anonymous said...

That team did previously win when they were Too Friggin Cute for Words.

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