January 8, 2008

The devil's in the details

A brief recap of Monday night's BQT:

-- Congratulations to Denial-Acceptance-Anger-Trivia (né Too Friggin' Cool for Words): Victory at long last is ever so sweet. (And a 2.5-point margin is actually kind of large.)

-- Noah You Didn't makes its first top-five showing. Not bad for a buncha broads!

-- The Batter Up Cake Bar supplied lovely strawberry-frosted cupcakes. I'm convinced last-place finishers the Wombats threw the game just to satisfy their sugar jones.

-- Ana amazingly large number of people know who Roscoe Lee Jones was.

-- The crowd also showed an impressive talent for the mano cornuta hand gesture. Ozzy rules!

-- Crash Mansion's new video projector is a fine piece of technological equipment, yesiree it is.

-- Quizmaster Noah's joke about Joe Strummer, Bette Davis, Madonna, Van Gogh, and every gay uncle on earth dying last year bombed horribly.

-- And the weirdest thing: Last night, our lovely door gal Lori took in exactly $666. The number of the beast, in cover-charge form. Coincidence?


Anonymous said...

$666 is not divisible by $7. How could Lori take in that amount?

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