December 26, 2007

Face the facts

So today, finally, giving in to tedious peer pressure, I acquired that necessity of late-2007/early-2008 American citizenship, a Facebook page. Interestingly, while I'd been aware of Facebook for many years, until I plunged into the registration process, I had never even visited Facebook. I mean, since even before I became a MySpace lackey, I'd been there on a regular basis checking out the poor excuses for websites cobbled together by rock bands struggling and otherwise.

It's kind of shocking how quickly and massively there's been an exodus from MySpace to Facebook, considering that it's pretty much a case of "Meet the new corporate-hipster new boss, same as the corporate-hipster old boss." I'm sure Malcolm Gladwell would have something interesting to say about the changeover.

Anyway, Facebook seems handy to me and all, and please go ahead and make me your friend, or write on my wall, or join my group or whatever. But really, how is this any different from Friendster, which none of us have cared about for three years? And in 2009, what website will people be telling me I'm lame for not being on then? This culture is insane.