September 2, 2010

Sponsor spotlight: The Gutter

I'm starting a little series here, in the run-up to the New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions, spotlighting the various sponsors we've roped in for the event. And let us start with…

Probably the best bowling alley in NYC, although the competition isn't that fierce from my POV. The Gutter is a simple concept: a bare-bones but not scummy bowling alley, decent bar food, great atmosphere, not insane prices. The Williamsburg-hipster quotient is forgiven by the fact that (a) it's actually in Williamsburg, and (b) bowling culture is pretty much the primordial ooze of hipsterism. They're kicking in two certificates for an hour of free bowling. Check it out next time you want to throw something heavy.

Meanwhile, I'm reminded of a clip I found on YouTube recently and used for the video round "A Quick Tour of Game Show History." This was the true glory days of television: