June 10, 2017

NYC: The Big Quiz Thing's 15th Anniversary JULY 10


Since 2002, The Big Quiz Thing—as seen on the official TV game show of New York City—has grown into the nation’s greatest source of professional trivia entertainment. And this summer, to celebrate a decade and a half of quiz excellence, the BQT’s founder—Quizmaster Noah Tarnow—returns from California to host a spectacular open-to-the-public anniversary event, happening at Le Poisson Rouge, and featuring NYC’s greatest haul of trivia prizes. 
For years, The Big Quiz Thing—way more than a bar trivia night—packed primo venues throughout New York with its unique brand of multimedia quiz excitement, moving on to become premier purveyors of the very finest in private and corporate trivia entertainment from coast to coast. Video and audio puzzles, the Buzzertastic Finale, Smart-Ass Points for funny wrong answers, professional hosting, supreme prizes, a unique digital answer system—and the most entertaining “figureoutable” quiz questions anywhere—The Big Quiz Thing has earned a national reputation as a next-level trivia experience. 
And to commemorate this milestone, this rare public show will be hosted by the BQT’s founder and senior quizmaster, Noah Tarnow, joined by longtime stage sidekick EdP and, returning after a too-long hiatus, DJ GB, in the palatial confines of Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge (location of the annual Big Oscars Quiz Thing). All are welcome to join in the multimedia trivia fun, featuring big prize giveaways courtesy of the BQT’s panoply of A-list prize partners, including On Location Tours, Queens Museum, Broadway Comedy Club, Museum of Chinese in America, Brooklyn Museum, and more TBA. It’s an unmissable night of deluxe excitement for any NYC trivia fan.

The Big Quiz Thing’s 15th-Anniversary Trivia Spectacular happens Monday, July 10, at Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St), at 7pm. Admission is $10 in advance, $15 at the door; tickets are at LPR.com. For more, visit BigQuizThing.com, e-mail info@bigquizthing.com, or check out @BigQuizThing on Twitter.

Quiz us this…

Q: Lots of people live in China, lots of people live in India. But what’s the most populous country that isn’t in Asia?

Q: Nationwide, what sells about $3 million in tickets every week, and tells the story of someone whose picture just might be in your wallet right now?

Q: What one-syllable name is shared by two current major pro sports teams, in different sports and different cities, but both in the same state?

Q: One hundred five years ago, the New York Evening Sun ran the false headline 
“All Saved from BLANK After Collision.”

Q: What company’s logo are we describing: Blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red?

CONTACT: Michelle Jasmine, 
Second Bolt 


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