June 22, 2017

JULY 10: Prizes for our 15th Anniversary Public Trivia Spectacular

Plans are coming together for our grand anniversary event—the rare opportunity for the public to see The Big Quiz Thing, starring Quizmaster Noah Tarnow (you got your tickets, right?), live in Greenwich Village, NYC. And, as is typical with the BQT, we're including a hell of a prize haul. Check out the (partial) roster at right (with additions coming by the day), but perhaps we can dig down a bit further…

The repository of all things related to your favorite borough, Brooklyn Museum is an absolute NYC treasure. Exhibits on political and cultural history, unmissable events (summer in NYC = Target First Saturdays), and perhaps too much more: Learn all at BrooklynMuseum.org.

A longtime BQT prize partner, On Location Tours leads NYC's premier movie- and TV-themed jaunts through the entertainment capital of the world: See familiar sights from Sex and the City, Gossip Girls, The Sopranos, and more. Win a trip on us! (Or go ahead and schedule your own sojourn at OnLocationTours.com.)

Another of our old BFFs: For years, Pogo Events has created the finest in interactive scavenger hunts, but recently they've expanded into Murder Mysteries, Board Game Battles, and something called Jukebox Bingo (which, full disclosure, yours truly had a small hand in developing). It's all at PogoEvents.com.

The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), in a newly expanded, highly interactive space at 215 Centre Street, preserves the diverse history and heritage of immigrants and communities from the nation of the future, China. And yep, we've got passes for you. Learn more at MOCANYC.org.

Featuring the best of local stand-up talent (not to mention national talent ASOTV, and even a regular magic showcase), Broadway Comedy Club is an indispensable locus of the city's humor scene, right in midtown. Learn more, see the schedule, sign up for an open mike, etc., at BroadwayComedyClub.com.

A public museum within a public park (Flushing Meadows), and fiercely dedicated to freedom of expression and positive social change: We all need the Queens Museum now more than ever. And yes—this is the home of the legendary Panorama of New York City! Details and more at QueensMuseum.org.

And our stupendous venue, Le Poisson Rouge, will offer one lucky winner a year's membership, entitling them to 12 months of the city's most innovative events and performances. LPR.com is where the info is.

Join us for the ultimate celebration of New York trivia fun, less than a month away. Enjoy!


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