October 10, 2016

All-ages trivia: The Big FAMILY Quiz Thing in San Francisco and NYC in November!

Big news for trivia lovers of all ages, in San Francisco and New York: The Big Family Quiz Thing is hitting both cities in November. We're again teaming up with Mommy Nearest to bring the ultimate live trivia experience, customized for ages 7 and up, to both coasts on successive Sunday afternoons: November 6, at the Children's Creativity Museum in SF's SoMa (hosted by Quizmaster Noah Tarnow); and November 13 at Symphony Space on NYC's Upper West Side, led by Quizmaster EdP.

For three years now, America's premier providers of private and corporate trivia game shows, The Big Quiz Thing, have thrilled packed crowds of trivia fans with their unique family trivia spectacular. Everyone gets to play six rounds of fast and funny team trivia for kids and adults, packed with unique video puzzles, audio clues, and “figureoutable” trivia questions (from pop culture to history to sports to the indefinable), including Four-Part Questions, the Lightning Round, and even credit for wrong but funny answers, all played via our one-of-a-kind digital trivia answer system (bring a charged device). The excitement culminates with the Buzzertastic Finale, as we give away a fantastic panoply of prizes (sponsors TBD), and not just for the winners. (The event is geared toward ages 7 and up—and we do mean up; it's just as much fun for grown-ups—though all are welcome, and the younger kids always love being part of the family team.)

MommyNearestLogo.jpgThe event is presented with Mommy Nearest, the mobile app and website that provides busy parents with unique content and geography-based, word-of-mouth recommendations. From dining options to activities, the app shows users the closest places for whatever they’re looking for, rated and reviewed by other local parents. Mommy Nearest boasts more than 50,000 original reviews of over 100,000 kid-friendly places nationwide (including the Bay Area and NYC).

LightningRound.jpgThe all-ages NYC trivia fun happens Sunday, November 6, at 2pm at The Children's Creativity Museum (221 4th Street, San Francisco), and Sunday, November 13, at 2pm at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway at 95th Street, NYC). Click the above links for tickets. And learn more about Mommy Nearest at MommyNearest.com.
And now, a little taste:

Q: What very common game, played in the Summer Olympics, gets its popular name from the sounds the ball makes when you hit it?
Q: Located in New Jersey, the 456-foot-high, 128mph Kingda Ka is North America’s tallest and fastest what?

Q: Despite its name, which food, made from potatoes, is actually from Belgium—not France?

Q: What do you fear if you suffer from panphobia?  


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