March 7, 2014


Just a quick note to let you know/remind you/grab your lapels and scream into your face: We are back in the City of Sibling Admiration, the great Philadelphia, in nine days: Sunday, March 16. Following our long-awaited (and very successful) return to the luxurious World Cafe Live in November, we vowed to come back to Philly on at least a semiregular basis, and it's happening: Beyond the 16th, we will definitely return on June 8 (also a Sunday), with the goal of eventually making it a residency of sorts. Feel the momentum, friends…

Never been to the BQT before? Expect all the friendly fun of your favorite bar trivia night, with the  bonus of big-time multimedia excitement, supremely fun trivia questions, unique puzzles, professional hosting, clever formats, a game-show-style finale (complete with buzzers!), and the best prize haul in the trivia business. For this show, the goodies are capped off by the big cash jackpot of 200 simoleons (that's a word we should bring back, don't you think?). Plus, WCL is kicking in passes to some of its primo upcoming concerts, including a tribute show happening Saturday, March 29: It's "Start Making Sense," in honor of the the brainiest band of the punk revolution, the great Talking Heads. Plus, a backing act perfect for you Philadelphians: HmfO, a tribute to the two greatest musicians in rock & roll history: Daryl Hall and John Oates. We also have passes to the April 5 show of one of your sophomore-year girlfriend's musical icons, Indigo Girl Amy Ray. See all of the fine events coming soon to World Cafe Live at, yep,

Also, returning to the prize-partner fold, after joining us in November: The Philadelphia Seaport Museum, one of Philly's many worthwhile attractions (especially now that the weather is getting more cooperative for outdoor, old-fashioned fun). Learn more at

Plenty more prizes on offer: sweet treats, books and DVDs, and other surprises, all in WCL's fantastic upstairs café. All for the ridiculous low price of $8. Treat your brain right and end your weekend with the Big Quiz Thing: Buy your tickets NOW!


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